Habitat for Humanity will be here before you know it

Make plans to sign up at your office.  Kick off is in October.

Here are a few more from last year for inspiration!  Team Cox builds the house.


Day 6 was the final building day for this awesome house and the last day for the volunteers from Cox Enterprises to complete the finishing touches.


Tasks on day 6 include touching up the interior and exterior painting, finishing soffit and fascia, installing doorknobs and internal hardware, and installing the porch and ramp railings. 



We all know Habitat is dedicated to constructing quality houses, but did you also know they’re committed to protecting the environment? They use smart building practices to minimize waste, like utilizing advanced framing techniques to minimize lumber scrap for all headers and ensure adequate insulation at wall corners. They use smart design, like standard 8-foot ceilings to minimize off-cut waste. They even plant drought-resistant landscaping, and all lots include additional trees. 




Stay tuned for Day 7, when the house was dedicated!