Abby’s Road

It is pretty amazing to have this job.  We get to meet kids like Abby.

We spent three days working with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Abby’s Road a slice of life story about Abby Boone, an 8-year-old with cancer beginning her journey through chemotherapy with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Erika Anderson wrote a wonderful first person piece that tells a little bit about our experience you can read it HERE.

Small Wonders, where Abby’s Road was featured, is a chronicle from CHOA that tells first hand accounts of the amazing work that they do.  Flip through the print version of Abby’s story HERE or become a donor to receive Small Wonders in your mailbox.

To watch a slideshow of Abby’s Road click HERE.  Thanks to the Boone Family for sharing your experience with all of us.