Monthly Archives: September 2011

Abby’s Road

It is pretty amazing to have this job.  We get to meet kids like Abby.

We spent three days working with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta on Abby’s Road a slice of life story about Abby Boone, an 8-year-old with cancer beginning her journey through chemotherapy with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Erika Anderson wrote a wonderful first person piece that tells a little bit about our experience you can read it HERE.

Small Wonders, where Abby’s Road was featured, is a chronicle from CHOA that tells first hand accounts of the amazing work that they do.  Flip through the print version of Abby’s story HERE or become a donor to receive Small Wonders in your mailbox.

To watch a slideshow of Abby’s Road click HERE.  Thanks to the Boone Family for sharing your experience with all of us.

Lunch with the Braves!

YUM!  Children’s Healthcare Of Atlanta hosted a lunch with the Braves at Maggiano’s at Perimeter and we were there along with some of our favorite Braves players.  I mean, come on, who doesn’t love Chipper??
Tickets to the lunch were part of the 11th annual WSB Care-a-Thon, back in August, to raise money for the Aflac Cancer Center.  The lunch included photos with the Braves’ Chipper Jones and Tommy Hanson and an ‘any questions goes’ Q and A session after the meal.  
So to recap: lots of yummy food, Braves and fun for a good cause?  Can we do this every week?? Thanks so much for having us! 

Are you ready for some football?

We love to see people having fun at work!  This event was created by VERIZON to help get the managers in their Georgia and Alabama divisions get ready for their upcoming season.  In the spirit of football season each person was drafted to a fantasy “team” and lots of fun and laughter ensued!  

What a creative way to have a great time at work! Thanks for having us!