Going GREEN for Earth Day with EarthShare!

In addition to the fabulous party featured below, EarthShare hosted a Green Screen Photo Booth at their annual Earth Day celebration! The guests had the option of some super cool earth, water and air backgrounds to choose from, and as you can see we got some really cute poses from the green friendly crowd!

The classic see no evil, hear no evil but with a jungle background!  lperkinsearth

Feather boas were optional 🙂 !


Hey, if you can’t make it to the sunset- we can bring it to you!


Overall a great addition to an already great party!

And to make it even better EarthShare added an email blast where partygoers can share the images with friends and colleges all over!  We emailed them this very pretty email of their image that they share as they please- How fun right? A great way to brand and market your event using your guests social network!

Screen shot 2011-05-06 at 9.08.05 AM