Flashes of Hope 2010


Flashes of Hope is a national program for photographers to donate their time to photograph sick children and their families.  Atlanta Event Photography’s Jenni Girtman participates yearly, sometimes twice when the calendar allows.  Support your local children’s hospital!

1 thought on “Flashes of Hope 2010

  1. shasta farnsworth

    A Simple Thank You doesn't seem to be enough… You are all absolutley Amazing! The little Year and a half, bright eyed angel pictured third row from the top above belongs to our family. You will never know what these photos mean to our family, not just imediate, but our extened family as well. as her aunt and never having the oppertuninty to meet her yet, and as a professional photographer myself, i want to commend you on a job well done… the photos are absolutley breath taking… and i have yet still to decide weather to smile or cry while looking at them… they mean SO Much. Thank You again for all that you do and all that you have done….shasta farnsworth How would i go about getting a copyright release for the ability of printing them off?

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