Hard Rock Cafe: Bing

Microsoft took over Atlanta last week with their annual MGX convention and while most of the sales force gathered at the Georgia World Congress Center a lucky few from Microsoft’s Bing division attended a private, guest-list only party at Hard Rock Cafe.  “You front the band” karaoke after open bar, glowing drinks, food, festivities and Bing . . . . it’s a party.



Bing . . . . Bing . . . . Bing



Bing . . . .


Atlanta Event Photography is looking forward to 2010 when Microsoft returns.

Thank You Microsoft, Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta, Bing and Filmateria Digital.

10 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe: Bing

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    Yesterday night,we went to Hard Rock Cafe Sydney to celebrate Voon Bing's birthday.It was a Saturday night and as expected without any prior booking,we were made to wait for nearly 2 and a half hours before finally being seated.


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